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    Need help with a WMI query

    Ruebezahl2 Rookie



      i'm trying to make a WMI query at the "inventory" - "user defined data". With WMI Explorer i got the following values:

      Name Space: Root\CIMV2

      Class: Win32_PnPEntity

      Instance: KPCI-488 GPIB Interface

      Caption: KPCI-488 GPIB Interface


      In Landesk i have:

      Name Space

      Class Name

      Display Object

      Property Name

      Display Name


      Does anyone know where i have to insert the individual "WMI values" in the "Landesk Property box"? "Name Space" and "Class" is evident, but the remaining...


      Many thanks for your help.



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          Hi Helmut,


          The documentation at the link below should help. 



          Name Space - Root\CIMV2

          Class Name - Win32_PnPEntity

          Display Object - Custom Data - PNP devices (where to put in inventory separated by "-"

          Property Name - Caption

          Display Name - Name of PNP device is (optional field to rename the property field to something more useful)

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            Ruebezahl2 Rookie

            Hi synsa,


            thx for your help. I've already used the Landesk-Help, so i knew of the document you've linked.

            But my problem is, if i use the following wmi-entries in the landesk wmi-scan-property window, landesk show me the "caption"-property of the first device/item that is found under "Win32_PnPEntity" (for example on different computers "ACPI-Multiprocessor-PC", "Microsoft PS/2 Mouse", "USB Flash Disk Device", ...).


            Name Space:         Root\CIMV2

            Class Name:          Win32_PnPEntity

            Display Object:      Keithley card

            Property Name:     Caption

            Display Name:       Keithley card type


            I need either all "Captions" under Win32_PnPEntity or (my prefered method) a query for the special caption "KPCI-488 GPIB Interface". Is this possible?

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              Ruebezahl2 Rookie

              Landesk-Support told me that it is not possible to scan for a class with multiple entries of the same name (only Landesk Data Analytics can do that).


              For my problem the best way is to deploy a script that would write the wished information in the registry and then query with "user defined data".