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    Unmanaged Device discovery question/problem



      I am running LD version 8.8



      After a scan is run for our subnet, the unmanaged items show up in the computer group.  A lot of what shows up here are networked printers, and network switches. 



      So, not wanting to sort through all these things, I move them to the apropriate folders (printers,infrastructure) so I dont have to see them in the computer list.



      However, the next time a scan runs, it puts them all back into the computer group again.  I have moved the things a few times now, and each time the UDD runs, it does the same thing, it puts a lot of them back into the computer group again.  In fact, it still shows in the group I had previously moved it to, and also shows up in the computers group.



      So, I move 4066HP, a printer, from computers to printers. Next time the scan runs, I have 4066HP showing in the printers group, and the computers group again.



        Anyone had a similar issue, and if so, how did you resolve it? TIA.









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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup








          You can contact Landesk and ask for the patch for CLEARQUEST NUMBER: CR6275



          This fixed this issue for us, but I did notice it then broke something else, though I can live with it.



          What it broke was if you click on "Unmanaged" at the top of the tree in the UDD section it now list all of the unmanaged computers and you can do a find on them, once this patch is run, it no longer listed them at the root level, so if you move a printer to a printers group for example, you cannot do a simple find to locate it, you must look through all of the groups you created.



          Since I do not search through the items I have sorted already, not a biggie for me, it DID fix the issue you are having.