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    LANDesk Management Gateway 4 -



      Hello all,



      I do appologize for my english. I got a LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 running and got a LANDesk Management Gateway applicance 4 installed and activate.



      I got only the licence for the Inventory Mager.



      My issue is situate with my Gateway as after all Network settings done, I need to do at some point the relation between the Core Server and my Applicance, so for this,



      I'm going to my core server console, then click on Configure/Management Gateway...






      Here is my issue. the MANAGEMENT GATEWAY menu is not in bold so, i'm not able to click it. (See the picture you will understand)





      Any advice, what should I do to be able to click into the menu Management Gateway and finally do my certificate.



      HELP please.



      Thanks a lot for your futur help.






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          bhadzik Apprentice

          It is most likely a licensing issue. Call support and have them take a look at your license on their side to see if it is enabled.

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            Thanks for your advise, I got an open support call with LANDesk as they reckon it could be license issue or a bug between the Gateway Appliance and the Core Server as I only got the licence for : Gateway + Inventory Manager.



            To be continue... (Will give a final update soon)



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              Good stuff, your answer was the right one mate !



              Basically, if you're purchasing an Inventory Manager with LDMS 8.8 and acquire a Gateway Appliance, the 2 product are not compatible in a license terms.



              You then need to contact LANDesk and ask them for a Zero Cost Licence for your LDMS+Gateway, who will unlock the Menu (Gateway Management into your LDMS console).