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    I want to see an already defined field as ReadOnly later in my process.



      I am building a process that requires certain fields (text, dropdown, dates, etc.) be visible as ReadOnly in windows later on in my process. For example, when I open the window to resolve the ticket, I might want to see a copy of the original problem description in my 'Resolve' window.

      While this seems to work by default with the Users table, I can't seem to find the setting to do this correctly with other tables (such as Incident). Even though the relationship exists and I'm able to drag the attributes on to the window, it shows up with a dark grey screen.


      Can someone please help?


      Please see attached for example. The 3 fields at the bottom, circled in red are from my initial Incident process. I've manually added these to the Resolve window. Keep in mind that these fields have already been defined. However, they show up blank.