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    Query on distribution, need to be able to install offline after a reboot / Log off


      Good afternoon all,


      I am having some issues with a distribution job. I am trying to get the job to copy the files locally to the machines and then install at next logon.

      This is for our bi-monthly updates and we would like to be able to capture all our machines including VPN users that are rarely on the network.

      We have plans to implement a portal distribution in future but for now we are trying to make a policy available that pushes the necessary files to the machine and then installs at next log on so that the application is not yet being used by the end user. Due to the number of vpn users and regional laptop users in our estate we need the files to install without the need to contact the core.


      I have experimented with Push and Policy distributions and although the job does copy the files across and sits where it should in the sdmcache it does not start automatically when next logged in.

      It does not start the job until it contacts the server. I have tried setting the option of installing offline if the core cannot be reached but this has not made a difference.

      When rebooting the policy invoker sits on the machine waiting to contact the server.


      Previously I had done this type of install with LANDesk scripting but I'm sure there must be a way to do this via the available distribution methods.

      I used a couple of the default settings including 'Install at next logon distribution' but have come accross the same issue.


      I have spent time going over some of the documentation on here and the helpful videos but I am begining to wonder if this may be a setting I have missed in the agent.


      Thank you in advance.