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    Preferred Server in WinPE/OSD




      Does anyone know if Preferred Server is available within WinPE?  We have 72 remote sites and I'd like to give our technicians the option of deploying our HII image at each of them from a local server (we're a school system rolling out a Windows server to each school).  I don't want to create a separate script for each model AND then a separate script for each model per school.  I'd hoped that Preferred Server could be used since the UNC path would be the same on each local server.


      If it can be used, would %preferredserver% be available, or is it only available during Software Deployment?  Any ideas? 



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          Not at this time. Generally this is solved using DNS tricks (e.g., "FILESERVER" resolves differently in different locations).

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            zman Master

            Just wondering if the old school GetPkgServer.exe would work in Windows PE? Never tried since we use DFS.

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              Regarding the "DNS tricks" you mentioned, wouldn't that require a separate zone per site/school?  We are not set up that way.  If you know of another way to make this work I would be all ears.


              I'm trying to avoid having to totally customize our Preboot environment (we do all imaging via WinPE PXE boot).  I've written a little VBS app that prompts a technician during the imaging process to enter the PC name of the unit, grab the MAC address and create a record in the LDDB so sysprep can autoname the box and put it in AD.  I suppose I could go to the extent of telling the box where to get the image from during that process but honestly I'm a novice coder and it would take me forever. 


              Any ideas are appreciated if someone has a better solution worked out for allowing multi-site Hardware Independent Imaging without creating multiple scripts for each site.



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                The advanced functions of the "normal" Windows client for SWD are not yet available for WinPE (V1.1) included in LANDesk.  This includes PPS, Peer and full TMC.  These are known requirements and are good candidates for the next logical release of LANDesk, as is WinPE V2.x. 


                P.S. You can shim RC inside the WInPE currently supported.  See article on the community

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                  ahe Expert


                  You can find the document here: Adding Remote Control to LANDesk PE










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                    Maybe I'm missing something, but how would Remote Control help with what I'm trying to accomplish? 


                    I'm looking for a way to create a variable within my OSD scripts allowing me the ability to image via PXE Boot at several sites (72+ and growing) without having to create and manage 72+ scripts, which would wind up being multiplied by however many models we have.  I've solved several issues by having a single Hardware Independent Image; at this point I just want to minimize the amount of scripts I have to create.  Of course I could make 72 scripts, 1 per site, but I don't want to do that.  As long as each Image share is set up identical, there has to be some way to do this.

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                      ahe Expert


                      Sorry, the link to the RC doc was a hint for jwyckoff...



                      I'm not sure if I understand your problem correct...



                      You've one image which is identical for all sites and you've one core only. The image is stored on every site.



                      Is the directory structure to the image identical on all sites?

                      If yes, then you can create a identical DNS alias for all sites which refers to the different site servers. If not, create a identical share.





                      • your image path: ..\images\MyCompanyImage.img

                      • your alias: LANDesk.mycompany (FQDN)


                          the alias refers on site


                      • A to
                        siteAserver.mycompany (for example a fileserver)

                      • B to
                        siteBserver.mycompany (for example a printserver)

                      • C to
                        siteCserver.mycompany (for example your core server)

                      • . . .


                      Path in LANDesk OSD script:
                      LANDesk.mycompany\images\MyCompanyImage.img is identical for all sites, so you need only one script!



                      I'm not a DNS specialist but we've done this in our DNS configuration (from our network/DNS guys) and it works.



                      One hint: This solution works for WinPE and Linux only. The DOS method can't work with it, it needs WINS!







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                        Is this working  in LDMS 9?