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    Total Noob to using DA for ast. mgmt.


      Hi all, I will start out by saying I an as green as spring grass where using DA for ast. mgt. is concerned. So any RTFM I need to do, just let me know :-)



      I want to use the KISS method here, starting off with my company's servers. I slapped some asset tags on them, I hand copied info down, etc.



      1) I want to use a bar code scanner on all things scanable on these systems. Which one do you all recommend I use in raltion to DA

      2) How does this work in relation to what it scans and what I get into DA?


      Thanks in advance for pointing a a lost man in the right direction :-)

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          You are probably an expert by now, but to still answer your questions:


          1.) Basically any scanner will do. 1 big plus is a scanner that will automatically adds a 'enter' after you scan. This will avoid many many mouseclicks If you have a wireless scanner that can connect to HTML page on your Core, even easier!

          2.) You create or edit the webforms in Data Translation Services. Here you can define what you want to scan, where it will end up in the database (The inventory of the device) and what rules should run on top of the scan. Much more info can be found in the manual: LDDA95Users.pdf