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    Changing the home page for IE and FF


      I have a teacher who want to change the home page for all the student machines at a school.

      She wants the browser to open all of the websites that the students use all at once when they launch the browser. 


      1. portal.provostacademy.com
      • onlinealarmclock.ms
      1. catchupmath.com



      The problem is that all of these machines are locked down, and I'm not sure even if I knew how to do this that it would work without the machines being logged in as a manager. 


      Does anyone know if it's possible to do something like this in both FireFox and IE?

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          VaLr Apprentice

          This is possible with Security Suite, there are some definitions under "Security Threats" able to make this.



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            You can create in Distribution Packages two cmd- or bat-scripts which will change settings in IE and FF.

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              Which version of LANDesk Management Console are you using?  We are running 9.03.2 currently and I'm not seeing these settings at all on my side, and I'm very interested in seeing if this will work for us.

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                I'm also looking into this too, but I have no expereince creating batch scripts and I'm not sure where to begin with this. Any help on this is completely appreciated. 

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                  VaLr Apprentice

                  The image is from LDMS 9.5.1 but doesnt matter, the important thing is the product you purchased, you can see that information in Main menu - Configure - Product Licensing  and look for Security Suite or Patch Manager (product name), these products make available the "Patch and Compliance" Module to download the "Microsoft Windows Security Threats" content (this one contains the definitions that you need).Product.JPG

                  If you dont have it,  send me an email address. i can export these definitions from my console to a file and i could send you.

                  The problem here is my console version (9.5). i dont know if you could import them without troubles.

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                    synsa Specialist

                    Is there a particular reason that you want to use LANDesk for this?  I recommend using GPO if you are in an active directory domain.  Otherwise it gets slightly trickier, especially outside of IE.


                    IE just change this / these reg key(s)... keeping in mind that they are HKCU so sending a package down via landesk using system account won't patch it directly.  You'll have to use some scripting or active setup to get the keys in there... or the local policy registry keys may work but used them before for this reason.

                    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

                    “Start Page”=”http://www.webpagehere.com/”

                    "Secondary Start Pages"="http://www.google.com/"


                    Firefox involves editing the user.js or other profile based files.  Basic idea is on first run it grabs the defaul profile file from the program files dir and applies it to the user.  So if retrofitting would require forcing to all users' profiles.  I use a mozilla.cfg file method.


                    Alternatively for firefox you could just change the desktop shortcut to use the URL option "firefox.exe -URL www.firstwebpage.com www.secondwebpage.com"


                    You're going to have to do some research most likely for firefox.  I recommend GPO where possible for IE.