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    Full sync vs. Hardware/Software scans

    jaericho Apprentice

      What is the difference between these types of scan?


      I have a workstation whose inventory is off a bit and I think it's messing with SLM.


      Under Software --> Products there is an entry for Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Premium (9.0)


      Under Software --> Add Remove Programs --> Product there is no entry for Office 2000.


      I have verified that the machine does not have Office 2000 installed. (It's uninstalled when we installed Office 2007.)


      I ran a hardware/software scan and nothing changed. (I checked the ErrorScan directory and there is nothing there from today so the scan was successfully imported.)


      Then I ran a full sync scan and the entry for Office 2000 under Software --> Products is gone.


      I recently migrated from 9.0 SP3 to 9.5 and pushed out a new agent (this workstation has the latest agent.)


      Right now I can't trust the inventory. Is this behavior normal?

      What can I do to make scans as accurate as possible in regards to installed software?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          When you do a Full scan, you basically tell the agent to scan anything from scratch. A hardware/software scan does a delta scan, only recording the differences since last scan. In this case, there might be a Software History setting fooling you. Look on the Core server console under Configure - Services - Inventory. There you will see a button that configures Software History. This makes sure you can see removed software for XX days in the Inventory after it has been removed from the device.


          A full scan creates a new 'basepoint', so doesn't use this setting. So, your inventory is most likely just as reliable as ever but just following settings :)



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            synsa Specialist

            What version of LDMS 9.5?  There was an issue with 32-bit programs not showing in add / remove programs section of inventory.  Has been since fixed by a CP.




            75998 - Inventory - 9.5 SP1 agent inventory does not return 32bit programs under Software/Add or Remote Programs/Program

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              jaericho Apprentice

              @synsa - 9.5 SP1 on the core and the client is win7 sp1 x86.


              Thanks for the update, but I don't know if I need that fix. The software didn't show up under software/add or remove programs/program but it wasn't installed to begin with. The issue was that the software was still listed under software/product.


              @frank - I have set the configure/services/inventory setting you mentioned to 1 day (the lowest value). I will let this run and check it in a day or two. Thanks.