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    Full sync vs. Hardware/Software scans

    jaericho Apprentice

      What is the difference between these types of scan?


      I have a workstation whose inventory is off a bit and I think it's messing with SLM.


      Under Software --> Products there is an entry for Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Premium (9.0)


      Under Software --> Add Remove Programs --> Product there is no entry for Office 2000.


      I have verified that the machine does not have Office 2000 installed. (It's uninstalled when we installed Office 2007.)


      I ran a hardware/software scan and nothing changed. (I checked the ErrorScan directory and there is nothing there from today so the scan was successfully imported.)


      Then I ran a full sync scan and the entry for Office 2000 under Software --> Products is gone.


      I recently migrated from 9.0 SP3 to 9.5 and pushed out a new agent (this workstation has the latest agent.)


      Right now I can't trust the inventory. Is this behavior normal?

      What can I do to make scans as accurate as possible in regards to installed software?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          When you do a Full scan, you basically tell the agent to scan anything from scratch. A hardware/software scan does a delta scan, only recording the differences since last scan. In this case, there might be a Software History setting fooling you. Look on the Core server console under Configure - Services - Inventory. There you will see a button that configures Software History. This makes sure you can see removed software for XX days in the Inventory after it has been removed from the device.


          A full scan creates a new 'basepoint', so doesn't use this setting. So, your inventory is most likely just as reliable as ever but just following settings :)



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            What version of LDMS 9.5?  There was an issue with 32-bit programs not showing in add / remove programs section of inventory.  Has been since fixed by a CP.




            75998 - Inventory - 9.5 SP1 agent inventory does not return 32bit programs under Software/Add or Remote Programs/Program

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              jaericho Apprentice

              @synsa - 9.5 SP1 on the core and the client is win7 sp1 x86.


              Thanks for the update, but I don't know if I need that fix. The software didn't show up under software/add or remove programs/program but it wasn't installed to begin with. The issue was that the software was still listed under software/product.


              @frank - I have set the configure/services/inventory setting you mentioned to 1 day (the lowest value). I will let this run and check it in a day or two. Thanks.

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                markdevr Apprentice



                Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I was having a similar issue where uninstalled software was sometimes stuck in inventory. If I was to upgrade software I'd have BOTH the uninstalled version and the new version showing in LD inventory under Add/Remove. Software scans wouldn't update this... only a full sync scan seemed to clear it up. I opened a case with LD, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet. I've since turned off the history setting and haven't seen it happen for distributions since, but previous distributions are still stuck.


                If this setting really does work the way you say how does it work? Where is a date maintained where the old software will be removed from inventory. The Add/Remove data is stored under the 'AppSoftwareSuites' table, but I don't see how it would ever expire this data. I haven't gotten an answer on how this setting works and the documentation says almost nothing about it.

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                  What exactly are you confused about with this setting? As you mentioned, Add/Remove data under AppSoftwareSuites. We also have a View called AppSoftware.


                  This view contains the date we discovered the software. If days since Date Discovered > configured history, the entry is removed.


                  The cleanup would occur during inventory maintenance, which runs nightly.

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                    markdevr Apprentice

                    Few questions here.


                    How does that view relate to AppSoftwareSuites?

                    How would days since discovered relate to an uninstall time? I still don't see anything here showing something like days since removed...


                    Here is an example of my issue...


                    This computer had all three versions of flash updated from 28 to 29 around 3/27/2018. Version 29 is showing an InstallDate of yesterday because it self updated to ( from.113), so that can be ignored. After installing the new version this the new version is present in inventory, but the old one did not go away. I've already verified that this old version isn't present in the install directory, in the Uninstall registry key, and in the Add/Remove programs control panel applet. The machine is receiving inventory scans on a regular basis. Last software scan was very recent. If I was to run a full sync scan right now the inventory would then show the proper information.



                    This backs up what inventory is showing for the machine.


                    This is a query against the SQL view you mentioned. The days since discovered is beyond the 30 days (44 here). I'm also not sure how this directly relates to the table above.

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                      Referencing that view was my mistake, I was looking at another issue and got them crossed.


                      Software history should be in the History table. That table also stores general inventory history when that's enabled via Inventory History for non software attributes.

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                        markdevr Apprentice

                        There is nothing in that table in my db.

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                          Have you verified this setting is actually causing the observed behavior, by turning off the setting and allowing a delta scan to run on schedule?

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                            markdevr Apprentice

                            I turned off the setting over a week ago. So far I haven't seen any new installations get stuck like this, but all the previous ones exist and aren't cleaning themselves up. I can't say with 100% certainty that the setting even did what it was supposed to because I don't think this issue was 100% consistent in the first place. At least understanding how that setting actually works would provide insight, but I haven't gotten an answer to how it works.

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                              markdevr Apprentice

                              I just turned the setting back on. Removed software from a machine. Ran a software scan (not full sync) and the inventory properly reflects the removal. Still nothing in the history table.

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                                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



                                The history table is only used for the items configured in Inventory History.


                                A Full Sync basically rebuilds the Inventory of a device, like it would send it the first time. The scanfile is much bigger than a normal delta and also takes more time and processing to be loaded into the DB, so it is not recommended to do that to often.


                                I believe, but don't have a any official documentation to back that up, that the software history timestamp is maintained locally by the Software Monitoring service and the Gatherproducts Inventory process. It is the delta scan that includes the Delete information for Software records, this is not a maintenance process on the Core or in the DB AFAIK.