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    Client stuck at "Checking for other instances of scanner or software distribution agent."

    Froggmann Apprentice

      I have a few clients that while running a Security and Compliance scan will just pause at this screen until it times out. The only thing I have seen in common is these machines are laptops. Other than that they are running the same client as our desktop machines and run the same OS (Win 7 32 & 46 bit) as our other workstations built off of the same images.


      So far I have:


      Uninstalled the LD client

      Re-installed the LD client Reboots in between.

      Disabled anything that could be a firewall

      Disabled AV


      I can ping the machine from the server

      I can remote control the machine fromthe server

      I can run an inventory scan


      Core is LD 9.0 SP4

      Client is a Win-7 64-Bit machine.