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    Symantec Antivirus PKI folder issue during provisioning



      Hi All,



      I am having a problem with deployment of Symantec Antivirus as part of a provisioning job after OS Imaging.



      Symantec is set to download from the core server.  This happens but the PKI folder containing the certificates (.cer files)  fails to download causing an error that all files were not found in the tmc cache.  The strange thing is that if I push the  syamantec client out using a standard multicast distribution method the PKI folder comers down and the app installs fine.



      I am assuming the problem is with the standard push\provisioning dowload method and the PKI folder\certs. So my question is how do I change the download method for just this one application during provisioning or is there something I am missing.



      I have checked my IIS setting and all file types are enabled in MIME types.  Also this does not happen with any other application deployed through provisioning.