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    OSD multicast fails in LDMS 9.5 SP1




      I'm trying to multicast an OSD image task to some cliet nodes using PXE to boot the client nodes. Once the client nodes are up and the task start to work sending the multicast part for each of them, then it fails with a error message in the multicast task window of the core server:



      The client nodes suppossed to receive the multicast image show a "Disk Full" error message, but there is not such lack of disk space in the client node. In fact if I try the same OSD task but without multicast option the task completes correctly in each of the client computers.


      I have tested this behaviour in two diferent LDMS 9.5 SP1 core servers with different network environments and in both cases the results are the same. More over one of the network environments doesn't have routers or switches betwen the core server and the client nodes so they are connected in a simple hub in a lab environment and the resut is exactly the same.


      Ani ideas?