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    Landesk error codes list with explanations?


      Hello everyone,


      I have a question. I am new to supporting Landesk for my IT department, so please bear with me if I am asking what may seem to be a question with an obvious answer. We are on version 9.0 SP3. I have searched around the web and these forums to try and find a concise list of Landesk error codes with explanations. I have managed to ifnd error code lists, but none of them include detailed explanations of what the codes indicate or what to troubleshoot. Some error codes I can find articles on, but I encounter a lot of different error codes when deploying software, and sometimes the codes can vary greatly.


      For example, we have been deploying a batch file to machines, and over 700 machines have received it succesfully, but we have a handful of machines that don't receive it for some reason and all the machines receive very different error codes. I'd like a way to easily look up these codes and know where to start my troubleshooting. Does this sort of code database or document exist? If not, do you have any recommendations of what documents to start with when it comes to software and patch deployment errors? Is it just better to look at log files, and if so is there a document that explains how to interpret log file errors? I guess I find the amount of various errors that Landesk produces to be overwhelming at times and would like to find an easy way to decipher these errors.


      Thank you for any help you can provide this rookie.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Make sure you aren't just looking at the error code shown in the scheduled task chart, make sure you find the machine affected and see if there are any descriptions for the error. Often an errorcode has been translated.


          LANDesk has the return code mapping feature that tries to do what you are asking for with templates for different types. The issue with a batch file is that LANDesk really is only responsible for copying over the batch file and any associated files and then launching it. If something goes wrong with those bits LANDesk is normally good at telling what went wrong (there are exceptions but not too many).


          If something goes wrong in the batch file, then actually the error code LANDesk knows nothing about because it is simply passing back whatever you called gave to it as an errorcode. You can right click the machine to see if a log uploaded, but if not then you will need to investigate the affected machines and try launching the batch file manually to see if it is an issue somewhere in your script.


          If you write scripts and control your own errorcodes by making decisions based on success or failure then you can use your own return code template, or perhaps look st using sdclient /msg="your message here" to send an update based on where the machine got to in your batch file.


          I wish there was a magic answer to this one but it does sort of depend on what you are trying to do and whether it is LANDesk or your batch file that went wrong.


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            Thank you for your detailed reply, Mark. It makes sense that some errors Landesk just would not be able to report accurately if it's not an actual problem with Landesk deployment but rather a problem with the batch file or script being deployed. However, my frustration is that I will get a batch file to deploy succesfully to many machines but there are always those few that seem to generate cryptic error codes that I ahve a tough time deciphering. It just doesn't make sense to me why a deployment will work for a big group of machines but a few have issues.


            Is there a way to access the client log files remotely through the Landesk console? This might make things easier for me when I do have to check log files for errors. Sometimes I have to check the vulscan logs or other client side logs, and I want to be able to do this without having to remotely connect to the machine or have the machine physically in front of me. We used to have a c: drive share turned on for client workstations so I could access files that way, but I believe that has been turned off now for security purposes. I wasn't sure if Landesk had an easy built in way to do this, or if I just have to resort to the old fashioned methods to be able to examine the logs. Again, I apologize if this is common knowledge that I am failing to find on my own.


            Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated!