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    Issues with Reference List Business Object


      Morning all


      I have created a new Business Object within Request Management called - "Request Source" this has 3 attributes - GUID, Deleted, Name.  The "Is Name" atttribute is Name.  I have set the business object up as a Reference List.


      I have created a window for the object and the "Name" attribute is used a on the window.  It doesn't display as a drop down field within the window.


      I have then linked the Request Source BO with the Request BO (dragged and dropped) and selected No to the collection option.


      When I use this field within the Request Window there is no drop down list. 


      I have tried this using the Request Source BO as the object on the window and it does display the requried reference list, but looking in the DB to create a report on this all I can see is the GUID.



      As a bit of extra background, we have this setup for Incidents also (Yes it should have been created in the Process BO but it never was...) and it works fine.  I have copied litterally all of the setup from Incident Source into Request Source and it is still not working correctly.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          So you can confirm that this is in fact a Reference list and you have added items to that list?  In your object designer, select that BO and verify that in the object properties it's reading Reference List.




          The attribute that is the "Is Name" attribute shouldn't have any bearing on this.  The Name attribute on the Reference List window will be a simple text field but if you drug the Reference List object onto your Request BO and said No, then when you drag it on to the Request form it should be a drop down list.  Drag the entire Reference List attribute and not just something like Reference List.Name.

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            Thanks, yes both of these things have indeed happened as you have suggested.


            The BO is a Reference List and I dragged the entire BO onto Request not just the isname attribute. 


            When adding this to the window there is no Reference List, If I add the main BO to the window I can only see GUID information in the db but dragging the isname attribute onto the Window doesnt give a drop down list.. 


            I know I have it wrong somewhere..

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Adam,


              The database will only ever store the Guid for the reference list record rather than the Name.  This is because it is a relationship to the reference list record itself and not just a piece of text which has many many advantages.  If you want to report directly from your database you'll need to add a link to your reference list table to extract the text you need.



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                Thanks to for all the replies, I must have been having a bad day. 

                The Request Source BO is exactly as the Incident Source BO...it was the way I was looking at the data within SQL.


                Apologies and thank you