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    Looking for Inspiration


      We don't have centralized purchasing so our IT department doesn't sell anything.

      Our account creation is automated based on other processes.

      We have an account change request process in the portal.

      Self service is in the portal.

      So what is everyone using the Service Catalogue for?

      What's the coolest thing your doing with it?

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I have customers using it to auto deploy software using LDMS packages as well as I've seen it used to add people to AD groups.

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            Most of our software is available through Desktop Manager.


            I thought it would be great for groups and folder permissions (groups) but since another group does that my manager doesn't want to handle all the upkeep.  I can see his point, we have thousands of groups and hundreds or major file shares.  I don't know how anyone keeps it straight.  It seems like all of the different IT factions have their own way of doing things and I can't say that the catalog would be easier.


            That's why I was looking for something new, something fresh, something I had not thought of yet.  File shares was my best idea so far.  With a new online purchasing system coming up soon, no room for sales of any kind.  Web site has an index and search so nothing I can help with there.


            I guess I could be over looking the obvious.  I just have no need for it.

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              jkhill Specialist

              One of the nice things about using Service Catalogue instead of Desktop Manager is that you can incorporate an LPM approval workflow for licensed software.  Depending on how permissive your publishing policies are with Desktop Manager, you could discover an administrative assistant with $20K worth of software installed because it's there. 


              I don't speak from experience (yet).  I've only deployed a catalogue in a lab at Interchange, but it's on my to-do list.  Right now I'm trying to decide whether to use Service Catalog or Change to handle share permissions and group membership (LPM will execute the changes once they're approved).  I'm leaning towards Service Catalog but I need to read up on the user experience a bit first.

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                Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                We have Customers using it for room and equipment bookings - for example, when someone needs a room that holds 50 people with full AV on Wednesday next week they make the request in the catalogue rather than by email. The great thing is that the SD process can automatically reject the request if (a) there's no room available on the requested date (b) there's not enough equipment available on the requested date or (c) there's no one available to set everything up for the date. It eliminates the human-error side of that by automating the checks and balances.