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    No remote control for Mac agents through gateway

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I am curious if any one else has experienced this issue.  I have tried it on both the 4.2 and 4.3 version of the gateway connected to 9.5 SP1 cores.  I have applied the latest patch for the Mac agent that gives Mavericks functionality.


      Our Macs are mostly Lion and Mountain Lion.  PC's work fine through the gateway.  I don't think it is an issue with the client switching modes since it doesn't work when manually switching to gateway mode.  They also will not send inventory scans when outside the network.  The certificate test in Management Gateway app comes back OK.  The deployment portal does work for installing software when the Mac is outside the network.


      What is happening is when I try to connect to a Mac through the gateway web page, it will pull up the login page and then immediately revert back to the login page after entering valid credentials.  I am using integrated security on the agent.  When I try to connect to it from the remote control viewer pointed to the gateway, it gives me "receive failed: 4.  you do not have rights to connect to remote computer."


      I am working with LD support on this, but wanted to see if anyone in the community had experienced this and was able to resolve it without LD support.