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    How to filter the RasieUser drop down to exclude entries based on department field

    GarethReeves Apprentice

      I have tried setting up a filter as per the filter documentation with no luck, either does nothing or errors.


      I am trying to filter out enduser accounts as shown in the raise user dropdown to exclude end users that have the string "Service_Account" in the department field.


      This is part of our incident Window in the Incident process


      The filter I setup uses the title as the attribute and department is nt equal to Service Account.


      When I try to save I get an error:


      Error on saving changes;

      could not resolve reference from  Attribute Filter Selector

      0efc0932-52aa-4e40-b97e-c5ccac93 to related query template.

      This query template is for the Class type Incident, expected Process


      Any Idea?