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    Event Manager - Advice


      Hi Guys


      Looking to shamelessly pick your brains on Event Manager.


      A big part of our current CSI is the implementation of a formalised event management process (I know I can hear you all recoil in shock - how can we possibly not do event management already!!).  Anyway a long long time ago I had briefly looked into this and had muddled together a process that was using emails sent from our monitoring tool into LD to open an incident and assign it to a group.  Very very simple but it worked.  Having chatted briefly with one of the LD ladies they mentioned that Event Manager is the way to go.  So I've had a look at the documentation and yes it definitely looks to be a hell of a lot more intelligent than anything I had originally done.  My big issue is I'm at a complete loss for the initial setup of it.


      I'm thinking that maybe to do the initial setup I get help from LD but really what I'm looking is the advice of anyone who has implemented Event Manager and your experiences of it.  Has it been of benefit to your organisation?  If I'm going to vie for resources to implement it I'm going to have to back it up with the benefits that'll we'll get from it.


      As always thanks for any comments



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          Event manager is a licensed option.  If you have Enterprise, then you have event manager.  Otherwise there may be a cost :-(.


          If you just want to log events, then ask your LD person about mashups as well.  This is free and included from 7.4 onwards.  Mashups allow one to log, modify and query a process, so could easily log events from an external app, and it's free! (Did I say that already)


          Event Manager can deal with sending 'stuff' to an external app as well as receiving 'stuff' from an external event and it uses web services.  So if you need a two way communication to your monitoring system, then it would be worth looking at.  For example your external event monitoring system could log the event in LD and then LD could poke it to turn a red light green when the process had been closed.


          Event Manager itself is easy to setup, but you need to look at the other end to see how to send data to/from EM in a way it can understand - basically web services for receiving requests and a SQL table for storing requests, so you need an app/agent to process that table.  Look carefully at MAP which is another module all LDSD customers should have access too as this can be very handy at producing these sorts of agents.


          The main advantage I can see for your example is that mail is a bit simple - only the title and description.  With EM you can send across priority, CI as well as other items.  Some gotchas .....


          Event Manager is limited to 3 parameters, plus the odd item like priority that you might be able to steal.  This is annoying because the underlying interface supports 20, but the gui used to control mapping does not.


          You cannot use the add attachment action in event manager - the manuals may have been improved to comment on this, but this process action simply hasn't been implemented.


          If you are going to engage LD in this work, make sure you have an initial workshop to agree the spec.  It's really worth while paying to get this done so everyone knows what the result will do and the timeframes for implementing it.

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            Thanks Dave


            The first thing I asked when Lara mentioned it was "how much will this cost me?" but thankfully we're enterprise so it's "mostly" free .


            From what you've said I think it definitely is the way to go, I'll confer with the people holding tightly onto the purse strings and see what they say.  At the min we're only looking at implementing event manager for one of our monitoring tools but the scope could broaden, and then we'll always have the option of round robin software deployments from SRs as well if that's something I can process further on down the line.


            Again many thanks

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              Senta SupportEmployee

              As this question came up I just wanted to add some clarifications.


              What Dave calls mashups is been named Web API.

              The Web API is free to use by anyone, but the usage of the API is not been generally supported.


              The Web API can and will be changed by engineering without notice and has done so in the past. Such changes can render working solution unusable or may even prohibit use of certain parts of the API.


              Assistance and Support for creating solution based on the Web API need to be arranged via a separated agreement between the partner and Landesk.

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                Thanks Jan - I was simply used the term in the LANDESK 7.4 documentation.  Can you clarify the situation with OneTOuch as well.  We might has well deal with that API too.  It was/is quite expensive so I'd hope solutions developed around that were still supported.

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                  Senta SupportEmployee

                  Hello Dave,


                  openTouch is still been updated with every version and available to customers and partners with the license and agreement to use it.

                  We also hold the documentation for it in the community. See LANDESK Service Desk 7.8.2 - OpenTouch for the 7.8.2 version.