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    Preferred Server setup for single Core Server

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      We have one core server on 9.5 SP1 which I'm trying to get up and running to replace our old box.


      When I try to do HII, it tells me I need to configure a preferred server first - fair enough.


      If I go to preferred servers, I can put in the credentials of a new user I created and click on test - if I try to test UNC I get 'UNC authentication failed'.


      If I try HTTP with no Path I get 'Unable to validate HTTP authentication , the server allows anonymous access'.


      I tried adding the new user I created to the \\servername\packages$ folder permissions but it made no difference.


      SO... the question is, when it says UNC authentication failed, what is it trying to authenticate TO? Should HTTP be working on a standard core by default or will it need further config?


      All the docs I can find just say 'put in credentials and click test' but nothing about giving those credentials any permissions. I'm guessing this should have been set up properly by the engineer who put in our core but it's been missed?

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          I'm not sure which UNC share we try to hit while testing, but it's possibly the LDMain share.  You'll just need to put in credentials that will work for whichever shares you're using it for.


          HTTP should be working to our standard shares (ldlogon, landesk/files, etc.), but not any new shares you've made.  You would need to go into IIS and add those as web shares yourself.

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            jwood8 Apprentice

            Hmm, I tried ldmain but the test still fails. I only want it really for provisioning and HII.


            I managed to configure HTTP myself (our package share lives outside of the normal structure so I guess that is why I had to do it myself) - the test for HTTP now says successful, and I can web browse to the drivers, but HII for example still doesn't work.

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              jwood8 Apprentice

              I have managed to work out why the tester failed - it is unable to handle fully qualified names.


              Under 'Preferred server properties' and 'Configuration', I was entering 'Server Name' as servername.domain.com because we have several international sites and I always try to fully qualify where possible. When using this config, the 'Test credentials' failed for UNC. If I just use 'servername' without the suffixes, the test passes. I will investigate further as to whether HII now works.