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    How to use a third party PXE


      Hi all,


      Until LDMS 9.0 we used PXE rep to deploy windows and Linux server. With LDMS 9.5 migration, we are no more able to start Linux provisioning (we use installation through kickstart and / or preseed) from LDMS PXE.


      Rather than duplicating our PXE environment, we are now testing the possibility to start the boot.wim provided by LDMS (so with agent installed). I managed to create a PXE server able to start the boot.wim present on the PXE rep (with cba8 agent included) but when the winPE did contact the core server, it didn't receive any instruction on concerning the template to apply.


      Did anyone ever tried this ? Do you have any idea on how to make it function ?


      Best regards


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          I'm confused as to why you need to use a third party PXE Server to utilize the WinPE image.  Can you explain that?


          To make it work you should be able to use the bootMedia.wim file from the core server instead of the boot.wim file.  That file is hard-coded to run provisioning and should work.

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            We would like to have a system able to distribute winPE as much as LinuxPE.

            From LDMS 9.5 it is no more possible to start a LinuxPE from a template so we are migrating the PXE part to another system able to do both. Or I missed something ?


            Whatever, BootMedia.wim usage did the trick. I thought that the boot.wim from the PXE should be the same, but it seems not.

            Nevertheless, thank you very much !