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    Testingour first targeted multicast deployment


      I have my Multicast Domain Reps all set up.  They are machines across the domain.


      We want to stage the files on all MDRs first and then deploy later using caching. But I want to see things working on a much smaller group first.


      So I am targeting the package to just several machines on two different subnets. Is  Targeted Multicasting smart enough to know only deploy the package to the MDRs that are on the same subnets as my client machines I have specified . . . . .or will it distribute to ALL MDRS??



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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          I believe it will target only the MDR's for those subnets.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            The answer to your question is yes. Only the representatives on the subnets that contain target clients will have the files downloaded to their cache as LANDesk splits the target devices by subnet before choosing representatives.


            Out of interest, why only cache to the MDRs and then try to cache later? Why not just cache to all potential targets straight away? There is no additional WAN traffic and still only one transmission to the target clients. If cached on lots of machines early on, peer download reps are well populated too. Nobody will install and if tey aren't a target for the later transmission they will simply discard the package from their cache after the period you set in your original delivery method.


            Just wondering as the pre-caching-caching seems to be an unneccessary step so would be good to understand the scenario.


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              I am pretty new and we have several nodes on out network that are very slow.  I wanted to pre-cache on MDRs initially in this first succh deployment so I understand it.  It certainly is not a large enough deployment to warrant it . . .I just needed to see it happen.


              I am starting to understand that, while there might be reason to cache on every machine to get installation happening at a specific time, there is certainly not much of a need to cache on MDRs only. But we just set up MDRs and havent really got to Preferred servers yet, and I just wanted to understand it all and see how MRDs showed up on my status screen as they receive update without commiting the entire update.


              The good thing is that if you had asked for clarification just two weeks ago, I couldnt really give it.  I'm learnning!