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    Agent doesn't install after mini-setup



      Hi All,






      I've gotten our image working finally with OSD, and everything seems to work fine (including the sysprep options that I set in the INF file it overwrites, and the name it grabs from the database), but the agent just does not install on the end computer.



      I'm not receiving any errors, but the machine just logs in as admin after imaging, the start menu opens up, and it just sits there.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Bit more info would help here.


          What are you trying to image? I assume Windows XP or something older, on account of you using SYSPREP.INF as opposed to an XML for Vista.


          ... is the OS doing "anything" that it's supposed to as per the SYSPREP.INI ? From your description it sounds like either the OS just isn't doing the stuff it should in the SYSPREP.INI or only does part of it - correct?


          Not sure how much "we" can help here, since Sysprep is (well - should be) a fairly simple matter of "Windows - go read that file and do as you're told" ...


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            I'm imaging Windows XP.  Sysprep does seem to be doing everything else fine - the correct computer name gets installed, and minisetup goes through without a problem, the correct license key gets installed, etc.  The weird thing is, the first time I used this image, it did install the agent on my test run, but ever since then, it fails to do so - I didn't change anything between my first time and attempting it on some other computers.



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              Got it fixed - as it turns out, one of the GuiRunOnce commands had an incorrect parameter on it, causing it to fail.









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                I would be interested to know what the GUIRunOnce commands were since I am now having the same problem

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                  My sysprep.inf file is as follows.  It sets the PC to auto logon once with local admin password and run the GUIRunOnce commands that auhenticate to ldlogon share and install landesk agent


                  FullName=IT Dept

                  OrgName=ABCDEF Toys
                  Command0="c:\ldsleep.exe 30"
                  Command1="net use \\coreserver\ldlogon ldlogonpassword /u:domain\ldlogonuser"
                  Command2="cmd /q /c \\coreserver\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /F /NOUI /REBOOT /DONTSTARTSVCS"
                  Command3="net use \\coreserver\ldlogon /d /y"
                  Command4="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldsleep.exe"
                  Command5="cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldiscan.cfg"