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    Mac 9.5 SP1 with Mac-2013-1017 causing tty broadcast messages in terminal

    JBnCO Apprentice

      Has anyone ran across an issue where the Mac LANDesk 9.5 SP1 agent running the Mac-2013-1017 patch causing tty broadcast messages in terminal.  This can be recreated by having terminal open and putting the system to sleep and then waking it up (currently testing on Mid2012 MacBook Air.




      Broadcast Message from root@%computername%

      (no tty) at %CurrentTime%

      Failed to send scan file to server.



      This occurs when LANDesk runs a miniscan after sleep or switching from wired to wireless as there is a gap in time before the network is initialized.  I believe this is caused because ldiscan is returning <Critical> entries for several stanadard events like "setting up core server connection", "Last scan data", and "Miniscan requested or inventory service doesn't support delta scans". 


      The main entry in the log that I believe is causing this is the <Emergency> entry for "Failed to send scan file to server".


      I know how to disable broadcast messages in termnial but didn't want to go that route.


      Question is why would the error messages be sent as critical or emergency.