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    Issue running ExecuteQuery on Incident object


      I was wondering if anybody has experienced a similar issue using OpenTouch.  I am running a script to query the following objects in Landesk via an OpenTouch Webservices call.  Here is the script I am trying to run:



      <executeQuery name="IncidentManagement.Incident" intoXMLvar="#TicketResults" continueIfFail="0">

            <addOutputAttribute key="Id" />

            <addOutputAttribute key="Status" />

            <addOutputAttribute key="_IncidentUrgency" />

            <addOutputAttribute key="_CurrentAssignedAnalyst" />

            <addOutputAttribute key="LatestAssignmentGroup" />

            <addOutputAttribute key="_ExternalId" />

            <addCondition param="Id" condition="Equals" value="#p1" />



      I am making this call using an Analyst account, and I am receiving a correct output on all the attributes if the ticket is in In Progress or New status.  However, the attributes marked in red cause the script to fail in any other status.  If I remove the red attributes, then I am able to call the script again across all statuses.



      This is the error I receive:


      Error on execute ExecuteQuery, Script Nr - 1

         at TPSClient.RenderClasses.BaseRender.Execute()

         at TPSClientLib.ScriptInterpretator.Execute()

           at ScriptExecutor.Execute() in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ServiceDesk.OpenTouch\App_Code\ScriptExecutor.cs:line 86


      My troubleshooting seems to imply there is a permissions issue with the account I am using to call the script.  If I add the Administrators role to the account, this error goes away for all statuses.  I created a new role, and granted All access across all modules using the permissions wizard, but this does not resolve the issue.  I do not want to make this account an administrator once we move from testing to production.  Does anyone else have any experience with this issue?  Thanks!

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          Update: I may have figured the issue out.  Over the course of further troubleshooting, I decided to remove and reinstall the OpenTouch web service on our test server.  Once I did this and re-tested my script, I received a new error stating that the account I was using did not have rights to read Process._ColourHTML.


          Even though I had tried to use the Priviledges wizard earlier to enable all rights from the top of the Modules tree down before, the Read permission on Process._ColourHTML was still disabled.  Enabling it seems to have fixed everything so far, but I will update this post again if something changes during further testing.  Hope this helps if someone else hits a similar problem.