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    Adobe Reader patches fail

    mmalinowski Rookie



      I;m in need of a bit of help. I deceided to try patching upgrades to Adobe Reader using Landesk patches. The patches fail and Adobe Reader has dissapeared from the pcs it was installed on. Its running on Windows 7 64bit.


      The two patches that I ran were amongst 22 other patches for various other products.


      Running patch AdbeRdr11000_en_US.exe

      Installing patch 18 out of 22 patches


      Running patch AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp

      Installing patch 19 out of 22 patches



      Except for the entry in the Landesk log, where can I see what the reason for the patches failure is? I suspect it could be a proxy issue.


      If I try to install Adobe Reader manually now, the shortcut appears for a couple of seconds on the desk top and the dissapears.