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    Add End User Form

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      please advise me how i can add End User form to the Shortcut Bar?




      thanks all

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          It's not so much as adding a End User form to the short cut bar as it is adding an end user view to the window.  You probably have a default view and in there you can assign a specific window to a role, as in End User.  You will have another row for analyst that point to your standard window.  Same short cut, same process, same template, but based on the user's role, they could see a different window.


          If you have that already and you want to add the window to a dashboard in Self Service, right click on the short cut bar and add a process.  You will need to define the process and the template (if any).  The same short cut will serve both analysts and end users, the window view rules determine which window is used.  There are other ways to determine which window to use but roles seem like obvious dividers and anything else generally handles special situations.  At least it does for me.