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    Wake on LAN to provision Bare Metal machines fails from LDMS console


      I have created a CSV file with some network information to import bare metal machines into the Core Server (9.5 SP1) using CSVimport. The resulting ims files are similar to this:


      Network - NIC Address = 3C970E0$C34C

      Network - TCPIP - Address =

      Network - TCPIP - Subnet Mask =

      Network - TCPIP - Subnet Broadcast Address =

      Network - TCPIP - Default Gateway Address =

      Device Name = VEGA

      Network - TCPIP - Host Name = VEGA.xxx.xxx


      The new bare metal registers are created into the inventory DB in the core server, but when I try to wake up any of these using the LDMS console they fail to wake up. Any ideas on why these imported bare metal machines fail to respond to the wake up commands from the console?. Other LDMS client nodes in the same subnet are able to be waken up quite happily from the console.