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    MC3190 problems Telnet session


      Hello everyone.


      I have a problem with a terminal Mc3190 when working with TelnetCE V7.2, when you work 15 minutes is disabled the login and need to login again to continue working.
      Possible is that the version that is to installed to the terminal is incorrect or to that problem could be due?


      Thank you very much for your time.


      Best regards.

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee



          This sounds like a host/network or license issue.  If you do not have a valid license for the emulation type you are running you will be disconnected after a certain amount of time and be forced to log back in.  You can see which emulation types your device is licensed for by launching TE then selecting Options>About.  If you are running in demo mode there should be a demo notice on connection as well.


          If you are licensed for the emulation type and still have the issue I would recommend upgrading a terminal to the latest version of TE and see if the problem still exists.  You can get the latest from our downloads site at : http://www.wavelink.com/Motorola%20(Symbol)-MC3100-Emulators-downloads


          If you still have the issue after verifying licensing and attempting the latest version please create a support ticket and someone can assist you further.


          Thank you,