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    IE11 - no patches available

    Johann Apprentice

      I tried to testinstall IE11 on one of our Win7SP1 x64 Clients using the Security and Patchscan. I put the definition into the scan folder and started a scan on the client. IE11 vulnerability was detected (some dependencies were found). I installed all of them, thinking that IE11 would install after all the dependencies are installed. So I did a reboot after installing all the dependent patches and tried to do a repair again. Result says that no patches are available. I don't really get understand why IE11 won't install. Could somebody point me to what I am doing wrong?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          My test system had to go through a couple of reboot cycles before all pre-req/dependencies were successfully installed. During this the machine was no longer identified as requiring the IE11 patch so I assume it was in the mid-point state.


          The way I tested this was to drag the IE11 vulnerability into it's own group and agree to also bring over the 9 related vulnerabilities. I then scanned the device using a scan & repair setting to just scan that group. I then set a repair task for all of the patches except for IE11 and let that run. Part way it seems I had to download one extra patch.


          Once they had all worked and the reboots had finished I could now target the machine with IE11 and that seemed to work.


          Was a very quick test but ultimately succeeded so at least you know it is possible. I was also using an x64 Win7 client.


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            Johann Apprentice

            Thanks for your hints. I followed you suggestion step by step, but it did not help me solve this issue. Due to the fact, that this issue wasn't that importent I just cared about more urgent things. After like 2 weeks I tried again repairing the vulnuralbility on the same client, and it did work. So I guess it just took some time, for what reason ever...

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              I finally got this fixed with the help of Landesk engineering where I found a bug in the definition.


              Check http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/23808?tstart=0


              I confirmed today that the new IE11 definition got approved and reployed today so if you download new definitions, you will get the new/corected IE11 one.