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    HTML in Service Catalogue?




      I can get HTML and CSS working when viewing the service catalogue page.

      This is handy as I can underline and bold bits and pieces.

      I can also put the entries in an arbitrary order (getting around the missing functionality) by including letters that have had their font colour set to white.


      The problem is when the catalogue entry is clicked, you can see all the markup in the service description window.


      Is there a way around this? I can't find the service description window in the window manager.

      Does the window have a default name? I didnt do the initial setup.

      If I was to find it, how could I enable HTML?

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          Apologies for the delayed response to your question.


          If you are manually typing the HTML code into a normal text field then it will always display it as such on windows.


          You can enable HTML on an attribute so you get a WYSIWYG editor by opening the object in Object Designer, selecting the attribute you want to change and set its "String subdata type" to "Html".