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    LDAP Query results don't match AD

    Mike_SRTAdmin Apprentice

      I'm trying to build a query that will pull all the machines found in LANDesk by Active Directory OU.


      The challenge I'm running into is that the query does not allow more than one argument. For instance


      If I query a single OU using Computer LDAP Location I get 957 machines.

      A seperate query using the same rules but a different OU returns 45 machines.

      So my queries work fine when seperated.


      If I try adding a second OU to catch more machines within the same query, again with Computer LDAP Location using the OR option, it returns the same 957 machines. It does not add in the 45 additional machines I know are there.


      Is it so restricted it can't do a query that includes more than one OU?