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    Webservice URL / definition to create bare metall server and launch PXE after it


      Dear all,


      at least I found this URL: http://<server>/MBSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx

      First look to this webservice seams to be good.


      I searched in the Download-Area for a LDMS 9.5 Webservice (SDK) description. But there is no result.


      In this way two questions:

      1.) Did anyone know's the URL to get a manual about all webservices ?

      2.) Did anyone know's excatly this service for this case ?

      2a.) Create a new baremetall server with name and MAC

      2b.) Add the queried/added baremetallserver to an PXE-OSDeployment task


      Thanks for all!

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          Dear all,


          I was in contact with LANDesk Support regarding this case.
          Following steps should be done:


          1.) Add the PC with AddComputerEx.
          Fillout "deviceName", "type=Computer", ipAdress (any valid IPv4-Address, not important for PXE), IPName and macAddress




          2.) If done you should assign the PC to the OS-Deploymenttask
          2.1) You can get them with the method (GetProvisioningTemplates)

          2.2) If you know the ID you should assign the PC with the Task with the Funktion (AddDeviceToScheduledTask)
          If you have none, you should create one.



          asign pc.png

          3.) Start(Schedule) the PXE-Task

          Start the Task with (StartTaskNow):

          You can Enter the taskid, and optional rescheduleType (ALL is done if nothing entered).


          The rescheduled options are:

          ALL (starts all tasks)

          FAILED (starts task that did not succeed)

          BUSY (starts tasks that did not attempt to run)


          I think BUSY or FAILED should be the best, so not all deployed PC's will be deployed again.



          4.) After this wait a second

          .. wait some minutes till the policy is active (it can take a while).

          After this reboot and PXE should start.


          5.) Finally

          By entering a MAC and PCName you doesn't need a BARE-Metall Server if you will integrate them by OS-deployment with PXE.