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    Deploying an Image fails to inject unattend.xml (Provisioning)


      We have begun to convert all of our existing OSD scripts into the newer Provisioning method.  I had a little trouble with the Image Capture but was able to get that to work.  We are now however stuck with the deployment of an image.  I'll outline what we are doing now and where the process seems to be failing.


      Pre-OS Installation

           -Remove Partitions

                -Remove all partitions: disk = 0

      OS Installation

           -Deploy Image

                -LANDesk Image2 V2

                     -Default Parameters

           -Set Active

                -Make Bootable

                     -Disk =0, Partition ID = 1, OS Partition ID = 2

      Post-OS installation

           -Configure Target OS

                    -Insert Provisioning Agent (CTOS)


                -Reboot (have attempted adding this and removing it as well)

           -Inject Script

                -Win 7 Current CL XML

                     -Target: c:\unattend.xml (also tried d:\unattend.xml)



      The part I'm getting stuck at and can't seem to continue on from is the Inject Script.  As soon as the Image is deployed I can't seem to see the drives or access them to write the unattend to.  It never shows up when the OS reboots.  When the OS does finish rebooting after the deployment it is still in sysprep mode.


      Do I need to add a step to mount the drive after it's been imaged? Or am I missing something else entirely?  I've been going nuts with this for about 2 weeks now.  Thanks very much for anyones assistance on this one.