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    Problems with Software Deployment in provisioning templates (since 9.5 SP1) => Provisioning-Process is shown as successfully, but the Software is not installed


      Since we use LD 9.5 SP1 we have problems with the Software Deployment in provisioning templates.

      The Template seems to be installed succesfully. The logged provisiong-process in the console shows that everything was succesfully installed.

      But in fact not every Software of our provisioning template was installed on our clients. So we have to install it afterwards via our software packages, which work fine.

      The affected Software which is not installed, change with every client and every deployment. So it is not a particular software or a particular package type which will not be installed.

      We analyzed the eventvwr but we find nothing "special" that can be associated with this problem. We find no (interesting) logs concerning the provisioning template. Has someone else this problems? Is it a known issue? Do we something wrong?

      Again: This problem exist since SP1.

      Thank you in advance,