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    Help with deploying a ghost image






      I am a beginner LANDesk user and am having a really hard time figureing out how exactly to push out a ghost image to a computer. I created the image myself but have been unable to locate any useful documentation or a step by step method of what exactly needs to be done. This doesn't seem like it should be a very difficult task but I am lost and still not very familiar with the software. I read through the "Best Known Methods for Operating System Deployment" pdf but that was surprisingly not much help. If anyone could provide me with some beginner step by step directions I would be more than grateful. Thanks.









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          Jason SupportEmployee


          Try this document












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            Thanks, that was somewhat helpful. The only problem is when I click the "New Windows PE Configuration" button, it says "A Legal License is required to use OS Deployment". We had OS deployment working back when we used version 7, since we upgraded to 8.1 and then when we upgraded to 8.8, it seems to not be working. Does anyone know what this error means? Did LANDesk make OS Deployment a separate product that we need to purchase?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              It's not an error, it's a licensing check, required by Microsoft.


              If you want to use WinPE, you need to either

              - Buy WinPE licenses from us (and re-activate your Core) - depending on how many machines you want to image in parallel (the WinPE licenses are for concurrent usage).

              - If you already have a WinPE license, follow the instructions and "prove" it by pointing at the respective files on the CD.


              If you want to use DOS PE you need to put in the respective Windows 98 and NT 4.0 CD's.


              The only thing that's changed is that in LDMS 7 and 8.1 we requested those files @ install time. This is now stream-lined and we make the Microsoft-required check after the install.


              Linux PE doesn't require anything obviously.


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                Jason SupportEmployee

                It not that LANDesk made OSD a seperate product to purchase it is that since WINPE is a Microsoft product that LANDesk need to make sure you have the proper licenses for WINPE.

                In previous version you needed to validate just the DOS portion since WINPE is new to 8.7 and up.


                the following DOC will describe this process better

































                Looks like Paul was quicker on the draw on this one 


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                  Thanks guys, you were both a lot of help!