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    Performace issue with LDMS 9.5 SP1 and Oracle. Too many open sessions in Oracle


      Hi there,


      We are suffering some performance issues when working with the LDMS 9.5 SP1 console in the core server. We have only two consoles including the Core Server LDMS console, and during working hours we were really annoyed because the LDMS console was real slow to respond to any simple action like opening a new console tool or presenting query results. After a bit of research we pointed out a bottle neck in the Oracle connection. There were hundred of open active connections to the Oracle data base originated from LANDesk and with a weird origin as the oracle connection report shows there are 50 console connections opened at a given time when we only have two consoles.There is also many other open active connections for other LANDesk Core Server processes against the Oracle server.


      64 connections for  LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.Skeleton.exe

         5 connections for  LANDesk.Scheduler.GlobalScheduler.exe

      70 connections for  w3wp.exe

      51 connections for  Console.exe



      We have other Oracle applications with many more consoles and hundred of users and these have not such a high number of concurrent Oracle open connections as LANDesk Management Suite have.


      We are planning to deploy at least 20 new LDMS remote consoles (may be more) and we just feel a cold rush of fear when thinking about how many number of session could we find in our Oracle server when these new LDMS console become operative, maybe it could mount up to more 1000 simultaneous connections in a given period of time!!



      Any ideas on why there are so many concurrent open Oracle connections with the Oracle Server?