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    Delay until next login automatically issue


      Once we've upgraded to 9.5 SP1 we noticed that this delivery method no longer works.  The agent never seems to recognize that the end-user has logged intow Windows.



      Since we update our core clinical software in our hospitals with this method, it has really caused some headaches. Our users cannot be in this software while it updates, so this is a great delivery method for us, as it allows us to take advantage of an already existing reboot schedule for our clinical areas.  Being a hospital, this means the workstations are typically used 24/7. 


      I'm in contact with support (email contact has been the only communication I have had) and they are aware of the problem, and have been able to reproduce it in their lab.  We have been given no ETA on a fix. 


      I just wanted people out there to be aware of this, because if we were aware of it before we upgraded from 9.5 to 9.5SP1, we wouldn't have done the upgrade.