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    Manament Console, issue's after Ghosting



      So we use ghost, i have a master image.  I deploy to 3 machines.  In the managment console only the last one to boot is the one to show up?  I've run sysprep and newsid, but the sid's are NOT identical.  What other behavior would cause this.









      We are using   Managment 8.7






      Thank you for any advice.






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          Ok this one is solved for me.  Before i create my master image i need to delete 2 reg keys.  "unique identifier"  These will be recreated after deploying image and first boot.






          the keys are located.



          HKLM / software /intel / landesk /common api



          HKLM / software / landesk /common api






          Thanks to the gentlmen at landesk who helped over the phone.  I'm sorry i don't have your name.