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    Need to Show Effectiveness of LANDesk - Any Trending Report?


      Hey guys,


      We have been using LANDesk for around 6 months, and integrated it into our monthly patch cycle.  The tools has been working great.  LANDesk wasn't free, and I need to show the effectiveness of the tool to our management team.


      I can't seem to find any reports that shows vulnerabilites trending over the six month period.  The closest thing I found was in the Patch and Compliance dashboard, and it only goes back 90 days.


      Here is a general Idea of what I am looking for.


      6 months ago - X Number of Vulnerabilities Detected, and Y number of Vulnerabilities Scanned

      Today - X number of Vulnerabilities Detected and Y Number of VUlnerabilites Scanned


      The graphs should show that Y is growing (number of vulnerabilities Scanned), and X should be decreasing, as we continue to mitigate vulnerabilities.


      I have looked in all teh various reporting modules, and can't seem to find a report like this.  I've looked in SLM, Smart Vue, Reporting, and Executive Report Pack.  And its really weird that there is no Uniform reporting location or format, but is for another topic.  Maybe this can be done with an exisiting report, I just need to select the right parameter?  Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


      - Ton