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    Do Computer attribute changes affect Device attributes?


      We're using LDDA 9.5 for our asset management and are managing both discovered items (Computers) and non-discovered items (Devices) in our LDMS 9.5 (not SP1) environment.  We're not going the traditional route of ALM for asset management but are using both discovered information and also importing machines from a previously generated BMC xls/csv for both the Computer side and the Device side machines so that specific fields populate in the web form. 


      During the trial and error process of creating Computer attibutes and testing data imports, i've amassed several excessive attributes inside Computer.Asset Info ...  Other than creating new attibutes during the web form creation process, another way in which I've made changes to (adding and removing) these specific attributes is just by adding and/or removing them to/from the inventory of one Computer item.  When these attributes are added/removed in the Inventory GUI of a Computer, are these same changes replicated over to the Device portion or is there another GUI way of removing specific attributes from Devices?


      Thanks in advance for any info!