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    Recover Deleted Computer






      This sounds like a strange Thread. However, I had a computer stolen, listed the serial number for the police, they have since lost the report, I have deleted the computer in LANDesk, and now I would like to 'recover' it so I can get the serial number back. Is there any way of doing this?






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          Just changed this setting today myself...



          In the LANDesk Management Console from the menu bar under Configure - Services - Inventory tab - Advanced button there is a setting named Store Scans, which if set at a value at 1 when the stolen laptop was scanned, will place a file in the Management Suite\LDScan\storage directory.



          This is not the default setting so you would have to have had it set previous to conducting a scan on the missing device.



          Good luck... ?:|






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            Hi Jerry



            It wasn't previously set, but thanks for the suggestion






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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              First place to look at, is whether you have an older DB backup where this computer is still in the DB.


              If so, restore that backup to a test-Core, and you have the information there.


              Deleted computers have ALL their associated records deleted right away in real-time, and there is no "undelete" function in databases (as you might be used to from OS file systems).


              The "Store Scans" method will only work if the laptop is going to connect to the internet and you have a gateway installed.


              Otherwise, I don't see how "Store Scans" is going to help - if he stolen laptop cannot connect to the Core (such as when you do not have a Gateway), then there's no way for it to send inventory.


              I hope this helps - a DB backup is probably really your best way of doing this.


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                There is a way to do this for the future.  Download iRecall from NetworkD.  Although the major part of the product is a chargeable historical analysis product, after the initial 30 day full version trial it defaults back to basic archiving functionality.  This functionality keeps a track of all devices you had in the environment so that if anything disappears you can see what has gone missing and can still access a full inventory record for it.  it also allows you to properly archive assets with an audit trail so that you don't just delete systems.



                You can download it from http://www.networkd.com/iValueSuiteProducts.html



                As I said, the functionality you want is free and this requires nothing to be deployed to the client machines.