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    Reload OSX profiles

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      we are testing the deployment of OSX profiles on 10.9 Mavericks.

      It seams that the Agent didn't load the profiles at  agent deployment or restart.


      How can I force the reload of the OSX Profiles?

      What is the standerd process of profile load/reload of the agent?


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          Do you force them to reload, you need to just push the profiles from LANDesk.  You also will want to make sure whether we do an add or a replace.  Replace will replace any that are currently on the device.

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            cgodden Specialist

            this worked for me on a system i neede to re apply the profile to

            To apply a Mac configuration profile with an agent setting update

            This option can only be used if a Management Suite agent has already been installed on targeted Mac devices.

            1. Click Tools > Configuration > Agent settings.
            2. In the toolbar, click the Create a task button, then click Change settings.
            3.      Assign a Task name and select scheduled task or policy.
            4. In the list beside Mac Configuration Profile, change the name in the Settings column to match the setting you want.
            5. Click OK.
            6.      If you used a scheduled task, run the job.