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    Question on having two assign/reassign actions on one status


      Hello all, was looking to bounce something off of you. Currently we have users who can create changes web/console via open, we also have another way of creating a change via a camra.support email box. As you can see I have a pre-condition setup stating if the email is from camra.support to assign to a group named"camra support". We are looking to expand this and already have a box setup for sqldba.changes. I was trying to add another precondition here, aswell as a assign/reassign (if from sqldba.change) to assign to a group named "SQLDBA". I'm getting issues stating you can only have one assign/reassign per status and am unable to save. Is there a way to work around this? Or possibly setup differently? I'm at a loss of thoughts.


      I am running ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1.



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