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    If I create a scanner configuration in UDD, will it automatically appear in data analytics Device Discovery


      I'm struggling with data analytics!


      For such a powerful tool there  is a distinct lack pausity of getting started information.


      Heres todays problem - when I look at Data Analytics\Device Discovery\All Addresses - I see an number of address ranges that have "automatically created" IP range as their titles. On inspection these seem to tally with Scanner configurations I have created in the distant past in UDD. I am told that if you create a Scanner Configuration in UDD is does appear automatically in Device Discovery.So what I am told and what I can see tally up. Seemingly!


      However if I actually create a new scanner configuration purposely  - it NEVER shows up in DD.


      WHat is the trigger to get it from one place to the other, am I missing a trick or being stupid?