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    Filtering end user drop down issue


      We have a requirement to not show certain end user accounts in the new incident form, currnelty it shows all user as imported from Active Directory. I have tried creating a filter and applying this to the drop down but got odd results.


      the filter should show any user accounts where the department field does NOT contaIn "NOT_EMPLOYEE", so department is not equal to "NOT_EMPLOYEE".

      At First glance this worked, but then found that any end user account where the department field was blank also did not show in the drop down. Tes this by creating aquery with the same setup and confirmed the users with blank department fields also disappeared.


      Tried setting and additional filter to show department fields that are null or not null but not NOT_EMPLOYEE. Returns nothing at all.


      Is this a bug why does not equal to something also exclude Null entries iin the fields?


      Any idea?