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    Remap function keys




      I'm trying to remap F1 to [ALT][F1] with the Wavelink TE Android's version for a Panasonic FZ-A1, as far as I know F1 stands for 3B00 , but I don't know wich scape secunce stands for [ALT] key, and hoy to concatenate it with the [F1].


      ¿Does any of you has an idea about how to solve it?



      Thanks in advace,

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          From what I can tell a Alt-F1 has the scan code 6800 so the key macro that you would place in the emulation paramaters would be 3B00:\6800.


          It is possible that the scan code for the Android device is different than the 6800 value, however, I would give this a shot.

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            Missed to tell that emulation type is VT220..


            I tried the 3B00:\6800 on a Host Simulator in my office, but it does not reflect any secuence.


            I'm comparing behaviours between an old LXE Terminal running VT220 RFTerm (based on Naurtech CETerm) emulator wich is successfully working on our customer's site and we want to replace with Android devices running wavelink TE.


            The LXE Terminal is configured to map F1 key, to this scape secuence, that theorically maps to [ALT][F1]:




            On the Host simulator, when pressing the F1 key on the LXE Terminal, can be reflected this secuence:




            I'm searching on different websites any table to relation those messages, but for the moment without success, ¿where did you find the 6800 scape secuence? Maybe we could establish any analogy comparing results obtained with the one from the LXE terminal wich can be set as a reference.


            Thanks in advance,

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              Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

              In WavelinkTE you can press the Alt-D key combination to bring up a diagnostics menu. Once in that menu you can press the K button to access the "Keyboard Tests" which will return scan codes for the keys that you press on the keyboard. Pressing the F1 key does in fact return a 3B00 value, while pressing the Alt-F1 combination returns 6800. I confirmed that 6800 is the value on the PC based TelnetCE application as well as on a WindowsCE devices.


              However, it may be a different key combination on the android device that you are using.

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                Thanks for your response, that give us a path to the solution. But I've been looking for the ALT key in the virtual keyboard in order to perform the [ALT][D] key combination to access the "Keyboard Tests". But I can't find the way.


                As an alternativo I should search for an USB adaptador to connect a physical keyboard in order to perform the [ALT][F1] key combination.


                ¿Do you know how to get the [ALT] with the virtual keyboard from de WavelinkTE for Android?


                Thanks in advance,

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                  cachilli SupportEmployee



                  On the Android and IOS keyboards there are no "ALT" keys.. All of the keyboards should have the keys necessary to perform every function you would encounter in an emulation setting..Also the funtionality of diagnostics is not in the the Android or IOS releases..


                  Has this key combo worked in a previous Wavelink client for you? Also what functionality is the ALT F1 suppose to perform?

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                    Unfortunatelly this is the first time WavelinkTE is beig tested in our customer. They are working actually with old LXE devices running the VT220 RFTerm emulator wich has the F1 key mapped to ^[[23~^> escape secuence.


                    On the RFTerm the F1 key was remaped to [ALT][F1] for a quicker operative for the end-user: they only have to press one key, standard VT220 function keys are configured the user has to press first [ALT] then [F1] key.


                    But now the problem, is that on the Panasonic tablet with Android, the [ALT] key no longer exists when running Wavelink emulator. So the goal is to remap [F1] to [ALT][F1] in a standard VT220 emulation.



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                      Unfortunatelly we could not go on with the test at the customer site, because the WLAN security level is not compatible, it uses Cisco propietary LEAP protocol, with the Android's tablet, so now the next step is the upgrade the WLAN and then return and test the tablet and the suggested scape secuences.


                      Thanks everybody for your support, hope we can discuss about it in the next months.