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    Wavelink Avalanche Poor UI Performance


      Hi All,

                      We are using Avalanche We have 260 Mobile devices. 


      We are experiencing really poor UI performance in the Avalanche Console and Web app.  It takes over a minute to populate the UI.  Does anyone have any performance tips?


      We are displaying the following columns:


      Serial | Terminal ID | IP | Last Contact | Recent Activity | Notes | Sync State | Device Name


      The performance has degraded as we have added more devices.

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          I have regularly seen UI performance issues in the Mobile Device Inventory for Avalanche. I have performed a number of installs of the site edition version of Avalanche as well and see the same issue in that version. It would be more preferred to have the inventory prepopulated from the last time the Avalanche console was accessed rather than reloading the entire list of devices as soon as you click on the inventory tab. If you are logging into different Avalanche installations from the same console, then the mobile device inventory should at least start loading for you as soon as you log in, so that you don't have to wait as long for it to refresh when you click on the tab.

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            nrasmussen SupportEmployee



            Sometimes performance issues can occur because of the database having orphaned records.  To help performance we recommend you take a backup then restore to re-index the database and drop any orphaned records that may be present.  To do this select Tools>Task Schedule.  Then in the Task Schedule window select Add.. From the drop down select System Backup then next, then name the backup, then select next,  then select whether to perform the backup now or to schedule a recurring or a one time task.  Finally select Next and review the task then select Finish to run the backup.  The backup may take some time depending on the size of your environment and how many profiles you have but it should show in the completed tasks when finished.


            Once finished then you would want to add a new task and select System restore. You can then select the Restore selected and select the name of the backup you just ran.  Once you begin the restore operation you will be logged out.  If you monitor the services you can wait for the Wavelink Avalanche Enterprise Server service to start then you should be able to login.  Once logged in you may want to select the task schedule and then delete the scheduled task for the system backup, this occurs because that task was running when the backup occurred.


            Also I checked the items you are displaying and for test if you remove the Notes column does this speed up the load of the inventory?


            Hope this helps.



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              Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

              That is a good strategy, I will try that in the future.