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    Data Analytics


      Why does Map Data not map all my data - could it be confused by braces or spaces




      See the attachment

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          klevitan Specialist

          I have seen issues with brackets being treated as special charactersor something like that.


          One thing to try is instead of putting every value in the map just create a value defined as <Any>

          That acts as a wildcard.  If you wanted to just fiond all Compaq models you could enter <Any>Compaq<Any>


          However, I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish.  If you want to identify systems with a value for model just query it with the Exists operator.


          - Kurt

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            I set up a very elaborate map data rule, that would look at each value and normalise it and move it to a custom section of the inventory.

            for example "HP NC6330 {160#ABU}" would be normalised to just NC6330 


            I noticed that some values even though they existed in the rule were not mapping. The example in the attachment is an extreme version. I though if every value was mapped to one item, then that item should be the only one that gets populated, but clearly some of the values are just not recognised by the rule.

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              klevitan Specialist

              I had a similar problem with data that sometimes had a quote charcter init.  I wrote a rule that would edit the data to remove the quote and then I could do my normalization.