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    Hop Topic type open and close (windowless) process

    Adam Wilden Expert



      As part of our new system design, our process consultant wants us to be able to record one-click actions to log simple repettive calls (e.g. a typical 5-bar gate type system).


      I though this would be easy but am having a few issues (until our new Dev system is up I can't do much more than tinker

      at weekends).


      The idea is that someone can click on a process link which will then open and close the process using a generic customer account and without opening amy windows  (probably using templates).


      Has anyone tried this?  Or does anyone have any ideas?



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          I would try the following:

            Create a template and set the title to something unique and descriptive.

            In the template fill in all required attributes, description, customer, etc.

            In process have a precondition below OPEN that tests for the Title as you set in the template.

            Off the precondition go directly to a resolve box where you type in the resolution

            Resolve the incident and your done.


          However, I would not recommend the above.  Do you really want to lose the raise user?  We use a template as described above but we do not fill in the raise user.  The analyst selects the form from the short cut bar, enters the raise user, and then select an action that resolves the incident with the pre-written resolution.  Almost as easy but far better for reports.

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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Thanks - I agree I wouldn't record such data myself but not really my call!



            Still can't get it working - I already have a precondition after the Open status saying "Status Equals Open?"


            But thi is just acting as a check - there  needs to be some mechanism to push it forward automatically, teh same way it does on our main Incident process when logged via email.


            Any idea how I can get the process not to open the main Incident window and just move straight onto resolve?


            Didn't realise how rusty I had got at all of this!



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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Hi Folks,


              Just a bump for this one


              We have been told that it's absolutely essential to our new support model.


              I'm sure there must be ab easy way to do this using a very simple process.


              The only alternative I can think of at the moment is to create a webpage that uses SQL statements to write straight to the database, which I'd rather avoid as we are trying to stay as OOTB as possible this time around.



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                If you have no status boxes between Open and Close, there should be nothing to get hung up on providing all preconditions are met (if you have any).  Even if you do have status boxes in your process, a precondition should allow passage.  I have a status box with a precondition based on time, we used a scheduled task to force a recalc which made it check the preconditions again.  For such a special process though, I can't imagine why you would even need a status box.

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                  Adam Wilden Expert

                  Hmmmm... Must be doing some thing stupid as usual...


                  I've tried to make as simple a process as possible - loads of different combinations.


                  Here's an example:


                  Untitled 1.jpg

                  I'm using the tasks precondition as a generic one (as there are definitely no tasks) but have tried others.


                  Also tried a "Move On" automatic action between statuses.



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                    Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee

                    Hi Adam,


                    In order for the initial 'Are all Tasks at End state' condition to be evaluated you will need to save the record, which means having a window open up (not what you want!).


                    There are various approaches to give similar functionality but to the best of my knowledge they are all going to need you to:


                    • Click the shortcut
                    • Save the form


                    Before any conditions etc. are going to be evaluated.


                    When logging incidents etc. via email the 'Save' is taken care of by the inbound mail engine so that is the conditions are evaulated with no manual intervention.


                    I have developed an approach in the past using shortcuts to actions (but only in Web Desk) which then creates a child incident and auto closes it. However, the analyst still needs to click save on the form.

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                      Won't a scheduled task force the precondition to check and then continue?