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    Bulk Import Into a Process ?

    Rogersh Apprentice



      I've been tasked to write an Asset lifecycle, as I found out it is not possible to manage an asset record with a lifecycle and therefore I am building a lifecycle into a change module which as part of the process will create the asset record in the background and then move it on / update it via a lifecycle within the change module.


      I have been asked if it is possible to bulk import some assets, which obviously I know it can be done if they were just importing into the database, however the management team want the system to import the assets so that each of the items imported has their open change record attached and is at the 'Booked In' status.


      I have searched and searched and cannot find a way of bulk importing into the process - before I raise it with support does anyone know if it is at all possible ?





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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          To import an asset with attached data already then have it go into a status automatically?  I'm not sure that is doable during an import.

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            plazz Apprentice

            I know it's an old post but how did you eventually solve this issue?

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              Rogersh Apprentice

              Hi Plazz,

              The simple answer is I haven't as yet.  I did have LANDesk in to do some demo's and they managed to do something on their system which was like what I wanted but involved having to do two seperate imports.  However, their demo system was a newer version and the way in which they were updating and controlling their assets was different to how I am required to set mine up I'm not sure if it will work or not.

              I haven't had time as yet to play around with it on my system but if I do get anything working I'll update this thread.



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                Rogersh Apprentice

                Hi to all,

                Just wanted to reply stating that I'd managed to get the system to bulk import into a process back in 2015 but forgot to come back and update this thread.  It wasn't for the assets as I'd originally wanted to but I used the theory to pre-populate my subscriptions on my service catalogue.  I used a standard data import and imported a list of users/catalogue items from an excel spreadsheet into a cut down version of the process ensuring that the items went in at the subscribed status.

                This allowed me to display on the self service pages exactly what the end users currently had access to - something I needed to as we went down the route of adding system access and data access into our service catalogue.  The cut down process allowed the users to request to be unsubscribed if required.

                Hope this idea helps someone



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                  mcf43292 Employee

                  Hi Hayley,


                  Thanks for updating this, I'm also interesting in achieving an asset management lifecycle without utilising the means of a separate application outwith Service Desk.


                  In terms of how you have this interlinked with the Service Catalog do you have any process design, catalogue management or self service queries you could display to offer your own experiences?


                  Thank you


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                    Rogersh Apprentice

                    Hi Stephen,


                    I've since left the organization I was working for so I don't have the process documents to share any longer.  However I had an entire service request process with all the authorization steps, provisioning steps etc... after this there was the subscribed / unsubscribe section of the process for one-time request catalogue items.  I then basically copied that service request process and cut everything out above the subscribed section of the process, therefore the first status the request went to upon save was subscribed.  I left in the sections for unsubscribe and all the associated assignments to the service desk to action the in-subscription and then the request closure.


                    From memory on the import, I imported the user details, CI requested, etc... directly into request management.request with the lifecycle name of the new process as one of the import attributes.  This then created a request for each User/CI combination in my import spreadsheet and all were at a status of subscribed.  I ended up with 20000+ requests on a brand new system but it meant that as soon as the end users logged into Self Service they could see exactly what they already had access to (with some minor exceptions where data wasn't available).


                    On the self service end user home page I displayed a query of requests for that end user, in the status of subscribed only, and displayed as a report with the catalogue name and image as Items currently subscribed to.


                    Hope this helps